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Providing exactly the right products and services for the times to the very people who need them.

Origin of the company name - The ideas embedded in "JIT"

Just In Time

Providing exactly the right products and services for the times to the very people who need them

Since being christened by company founder and president Masato Ishizaka, who was inspired by the Just In Time concept, JIT has proactively engaged in a range of different businesses as they changed with the times.

Speed is the lifeblood of JIT

With unwavering dedication to bringing excellent products from concept to reality, we strive to contribute to society both in Japan and all around the world by channeling dreams, vitality, courage, and hope from our Yamanashi home.

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JIT has regularly been the first company anywhere in the world to market products that our customers could previously only dream of. One notable example is our artistic image printer for nails. In an era where nail art was only possible at specialist salons, we listened to our customers as they called out for an automatic solution. Having neither technical expertise nor knowledge in this field, our seven staff started from a blank slate, but JIT ultimately became the world’s first company to commercialize such a solution in 1996.
Another example is our lineup of recycled ink cartridges. Responding to customer dissatisfaction with the cost of cartridge disposal and the waste that they created, we were first in the world to commercialize a recyclable solution in 1999. Yet it was not easy at the time to set up collection boxes in public locations in order to recover the used ink cartridges that were typically thrown out with other garbage, so several years passed before this solution took hold. Since then, however, these products have made meaningful contributions to reducing waste and lowering CO2 emissions.
A third example of a world’s first JIT solution is Taprint, a skeleton ink cartridge offering greater ink capacity. We noticed cartridge users complain that ink ran out too quickly and without warning, so we put our best technical minds to work for three years in order to realize a solution. Introduced in 2009, Taprint cartridges not only hold much more ink but they allow the level to be confirmed at a glance. As such, these globally unprecedented products ensure the most efficient use of printer ink.
Our Engineering Department played a vital role in the development of this solution, allowing JIT to become the first recyclable ink business to successfully produce ink in-house. Our recycled ink cartridges and all other related products currently use JIT inks, and we are constantly reforming and improving our technologies in pursuit of even higher levels of quality.
Having stepped into the limelight by securing first place in recyclable ink sales by volume in 2010 and becoming the clear leader in domestic Japanese production, the magazine Asahi Camera compared JIT with original brand manufacturers and had a lot of praise for our products. We are currently ranked seventh in the world in terms of production volume among non-OEM ink manufacturers.
JIT also began marketing its products in other Asian countries from last year as a further effort to protect the environment, and we continue development work in order to realize products that customers can as yet only imagine. For many years into the future, JIT hopes to remain a company that can contribute to society both in Japan and all around the world by channeling dreams, vitality, courage, and hope to as many people as possible from our Yamanashi home.

Logo mark - Visual and identify that express JIT’s passion-

Based on “Connection and interaction with people” read from “Spirit of establishment”, our company name was designed imaging “Connection with people”, “Snugging up” and “Supporting”.
The shape of “jit” expresses “a row of people walking”. “J” expresses our company name itself and “i” expresses our customers. “t” means “tsuzuku, tsunagaru (continuity and connection)”. It pictures how people who got sympathetic to our products and services are led to the next stage (life environment).
JIT GROUP -JIT's passion hidden in its logo-
The logo of JIT GROUP is used to show the entire JIT Group including JIT Inc., Jit ceremony co., ltd. and NPO CORPORATION JIT MEETING SUN.
It is simply expressed “JIT GRUOP”.
JIT Group JIT’s passion hidden in its logo
The JIT Inc. logo has been designed with squares in the upper half to represent brand sub-elements. Inspired by ink dots and the Just in Time concept, it portrays a rapidly expanding product lineup infused with the JIT mindset. The lower half, meanwhile, presents the corporate slogan of Beauty to Cherish.

JIT Blue- Important “corporate color” expressing our group's symbol.

  • our corporate color
    JIT Blue
  • our secondary color
    JIT Sky Blue

Our JIT Blue corporate color represents the vast ocean—the place from which human life originated—as a symbol of JIT’s sea of creativity, from which new value and services are born. The brands of each of our recycled ink cartridge business (JIT Inc.) and our ceremony business (JIT Ceremony Co., Ltd.) also employ JIT Sky Blue as a brand sub-color. Symbolizing a quest for even greater heights, this color is inspired by the concept of services being as clear and invigorating as an open blue sky. Meanwhile, the combination of our JIT Blue corporate color and JIT Sky Blue brand sub-color together represent our precious earth. In this, they reflect the JIT mindset as it extends from Yamanashi to every part of the world.

  • Please support setting JIT recovery boxes.Lets spread the spirit of "mottainai".
  • JIT Group renewed its logo mark commemorating the 25th anniversary of the foundation.