CSR activities

We protect the environment of the earth through our eco-friendly products and convey the spirit of “mottainai” to children.

Recovery of used ink cartridges in municipalities in Yamanashi

We newly started collecting ink cartridges in cooperation with all municipalities in Yamanashi.
We convey the spirit of “mottainai” from Yamanashi to Japan.

Fund raising through recovery of used ink cartridges

We have been raising fund for disadvantaged children since 2007 in cooperation with YAMADA DENKI. We donate 10 yen per used ink cartridge collected from recovery boxes set at Yamada Denki shops to voluntary bodies. Those ink cartridges are reused in JIT’s main plant in Yamanashi.

The three objectives of JIT fund-raising activities:

- To help achieve an green, recycling-oriented society
- To support disadvantaged children
- To reduce CO2 emissions and waste through reuse of ink cartridges

By continually working towards these objectives, we hope to also involve our customers and business partners in bettering our communities and society in general.

Between November 2007 and January 20, 2016, we contributed a total of 106,732,350 yen to the Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC) and two foundations for children orphaned in traffic accidents. We are deeply grateful to everyone who helped with these fund collection activities and thus contributed to better futures for these kids by assisting in the recovery of used ink cartridges. To repay all of the cooperation so far, we will, through the recycling of used ink cartridges going forward, intensify our efforts to help achieve a green, recycling-oriented society, support disadvantaged children, and reduce waste and CO2 emissions through the reuse of ink cartridges.

Recent 5 years JANIC Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accidents Total amount of donation
2012 9,467,680 4,733,840 14,201,520
2013 10,005,720 5,002,860 15,008,580
2014 7,581,140 3,790,570 11,371,710
2015 4,841,720 2,420,870 7,262,590
2016 4,179,360 2,089,680 6,269,040
2017 closed 7,047,390 7,047,390
2018 6,233,180 6,233,180
3,643,820 3,643,820
Total amount of donation (2007.11~2019.4) 129,925,780
Receiving certificates of gratitude from JANIC and Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accidents

We received certificates of gratitude about “fund raising for the future of children” from JANIC (Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation) and Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accidents on May 13, 2008.

Holding the first presentation ceremony to donate money to support groups

We hold the first presentation ceremony of “fund raising for the future of children” and presented the list of donation to JANIC (Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation) and Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accidents on January 29, 2008.

Cleaning activities outside Kofu Station

Through the efforts of JIT staff members participating in "Learn from Cleaning" activities, we contribute to our communities by helping to keep them clean.

Establishment of the non-profit JIT Fraternity Sun

Background to establishing Sun

JIT began supporting the Special Olympics after we met with Chairman Joji Funaki of Special Olympics Yamanashi. We then set up the non-profit JIT Fraternity in recognition of CEO Masato Ishizaka’s vision of helping the many persons with disabilities living in Yamanashi find better quality of life through meaningful work.

  • What is rewarding about business?

    I can achieve a feeling of accomplishment as my work is visible.

  • What is fun for you in SUN?

    It is fun to join events such as an athletic festival with JIT’s employees.

  • What is difficult about work?

    It is hard to learn the types of cartridges.

Niko Niko Kids daycare center

As part of our ongoing efforts to enrich the lives of the children and adults of Yamanashi, we established the Niko Niko Kids daycare center within our facilities in April 2008, thereby providing peace of mind to staff with children as they work. Incidentally, JIT is by far the leading company* in Yamanashi in terms of the percentage of staff with kids. What’s more, we also have a return rate after childbirth of 100%, which is testament to our excellent support structure for working mothers. (*: With 100 or more employees)

Partnership agreement with Minami-Alps-shi

[Major activities]

  1. Conservation activity in Mt. Kushigata
  2. Conservation activity, enlightenment and PR for the alpine region of Minami Alps
  3. Forest maintenance and practice of environmental education
  4. Other matters related to conservation activities
Minami-Alps JIT Stadium
Energize our Minami-Alps more and more! We obtained naming rights to make our city full of smiles! We hold events such as an athletic festival. We will boost Minam-Alps through various events.

Sponsor of J1 soccer team, Ventforet Kofu

The JIT Group proudly supports Yamanashi’s professional soccer team, Ventforet Kofu, as a uniform sponsor. In this, we hope, in some small way, to energize the prefecture by instilling a sense of pride and joy among its residents. True to their “Running Soccer” mantra and channeling the JIT spirit, the Ventforet players advance with eyes fixed forward, interweaving passes expertly in a show of true teamwork. In this way, JIT’s contribution to society starts at home in Yamanashi.